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Doors at 8pm


CHEAP DATE headlining tonight with support from crowd favourites VAN MOSS and FOMI!


Doors at 7pm

Let’s party mates :)


Doors at 7pm

Ungrained is back with another stellar line-up of local Brissie acts.

This time we are treating you to Daisy And The White Jacket, Jade Not Jane and Cheap Date.


Doors at 9pm

Indie rockers JANE STREET headlining tonight with support from crowd favourites VAN MOSS and ULTRAVIOLET!


Doors at 8pm

Melbourne based booking agency Amber Mic will be hosting Indigo Nights at Tomcat on Thurs June 10th.

Indigo Nights is a night for local indie bands & indie music lovers.

This Thurs June 10th Indigo Nights show featuring Brisbane indie bands Sir & Lydia, Lavelin, Radioceans & TEN12 is a night not to be missed & will bring you the good vibes.

Sir & Lydia combine a rich tapestry of progressive rock, blues and jazz influences to share songs about love, loss and everything else in life. Characterised by the duo’s instrumental prowess and lush vocal harmonies, their music mesmerises all who listen while drawing comparisons to artists like Ainslie Wills, Fleetwood Mac and James Taylor & Carole King.

LAVELIN is a striking and emotionally-intelligent Indie Pop Artist. Selling out headlining shows and supporting internationally renowned band The Delta Riggs on their recent national tour, LAVELIN Is taking the Australian East Coast Music scene by storm. Mesmerizing audiences with her rare ability to explore her psyche through song. LAVELIN wears her heart on her sleeve as she writes and performs her truth with outspoken integrity.

Radioceans (Formerly 'Claiming It Anyway') are a rock band from Brisbane Australia who Bringing back flare to a classic rock & blues sound that lived at the heart of the 70’s and early 80’s.

Claiming It Anyway joined forces with guitarist and singer Hannah Johnstone in 2020 who has brought a new level harmonic depth to the bands evolving sound and the band is now known as Radioceans.

TEN12 are a four-piece rock band hailing from Brisbane, Australia consisting of Jack Bruce, Luke Cosier, Ethan Clark and Liam Borke. With their raw and punchy riffs, and engaging live act, TEN12 have attracted attention from all around their local area.

What are you doing with your Thurs night? Support local indie bands & venues. Don't miss out!!

Doors at 7pm


BLINDMOUTH headlining tonight with support from crowd favourites TRIPSITTA, BAZ RAVISH, ACID CHERRY and KID LUMINANCE!


Doors at 7pm

Singer songwriter PATRIK WILLIAM'S headlining tonight with support from songstress OH BAILEY and BELLA PATON!

Doors at 9pm


BRENDAN THE BARD bringing you 3 hours of folk rock tonight!


Doors at 8pm

New kids on the block BLONDED headlining tonight with support from mates THE FUNNY JIMS, FLORA LINK and BEAN MAGAZINE!


Doors at 7pm

Groove rockers THE URBAN SEA bringing you a double set tonight with support from crowd favourites A MILLION LIONS, CARMODY ROAD and SAINT SKIRTS!


Doors at 7pm

Bleached Entertainment is back for another night of incredible music by incredible local artists. Space Flamingo will be joined by two up and coming bands, Cafe No One and Super Ghost on the 19th of June.

Be sure to come down early and support the local scene.


Doors at 9pm

Doors at 8pm


Crowd favourites SPACE FLAMINGO headlining tonight with support from local legends ON THE MOSS, VAGUEFUN and ATTIC SALTT!

Doors at 7pm


After 2 years of fart-arseing around Brisbane/Sunshine Coasts semi-likeable alt-rock grunge quartet Wetlands are finally releasing their debut EP. Join them for an exclusive launch party at Tomcat where you'll get to hear them play entire EP in full 1 week ahead of its release.
With special guests: Ultraviolet, Feral Fatigue, Ballpoint & Sky Valley.

Doors at 7pm


Indie rock sweethearts LOST GOAT FOUND headlining tonight with support from local favourites RAW DEEP & OH BAILEY!


Doors at 7pm


DUCK EGG BLUE headlining tonight with support from local favourites SOURMASH, ZIMMER & THE FORTITUDES!

Doors at 7pm


Sentiment host their first appearance at Tomcat bringing their blend of Post Hardcore/Metalcore for a night of high energy riffs and ear worm choruses. Along for the ride, they've brought newcomers Nervous Light, Brisbane Rockers Glass Knuckles, Post-hardcore/Alternative Rock outfit December's Deadline, 3 Hour Flight and their high energy Pop punk!

Get Ready for a night of feels, riffs and big choruses at Tomcat July 2nd!

Nervous Light are a 3 piece post hardcore/experimental/emo band from Brisbane Australia. Combining modern electronic & trap ideals with post hardcore and punk influences and highly collaborative songwriting, the songs take on their own sound with dynamics that take the listener from quiet 808 driven verses to huge guitar & 3 vocalist driven choruses.

3 Hour Flight: A Brissy-based 4 piece pop punk/easycore band with their hearts set on getting songs stuck in your head.

December's Deadline: December's Deadline are a Brisbane based post-hardcore /alternative rock band. Drawing influences from A Day To Remember, Bring Me The Horizon and Old School Metal.

Glass Knuckles are fresh and eager to impress audiences with their unique brand of rock. The Gold Coast based band debuted in January pairing catchy melodies with hard-hitting instrumentals. For fans of Neck Deep and Trophy Eyes.


Doors at 7pm

Local Safari are heading out on their first ever East Coast Tour this year and we want YOU to come join us! Celebrating the release of their new single ‘Felicity’ we’re packing our bags, jumping in the van and hitting the motorway, so clear your schedules and get keen cause we’re coming to PARTY!

Felicity is our next upcoming single releasing on Friday the 11th of June and it is set to mystify your minds and electrify your ears! It’s a track full of high-octane indie rock that delivers a massive kick of energy from start to finish!

The ‘Felicity’ tour is making stops all along the East Coast including: Newcastle, Sydney, Gold Coast & Brisbane! So clear your schedules and come join us along the way because it’s going to be unbelievably epic! LS xx

Saturday the 3rd of July at Tomcat in Brisbane! Last stop of the tour so it's set to be MASSIVE! We'll be joined by our brothers and absolute legends from Sydney, HIGHLINE as well as Brisbane lords Flora Link! Free entry, GET KEEN!!


Doors at 8pm

Local legends BARE BEETS headlining tonight with support from crowd favourites SKERZO, CHEAP DATE & PASSIONFRUIT!


Doors at 7pm


Winchester Revival return to the infamous TOMCAT on August 6th for a massive night of rock 'n' roll with a HUGE 5 BAND LINE UP🤟It's a Friday night & free entry and cheap drinks, what more could ya ask for! Joining us for the evening are some insanely good acts!👉 TEN12 | REDEMPRA | DEAF POET SOCIETY | TBA🔥Save the date and come along for a good night of partying🤟🤟Doors open 7pm. 18+

(Headline) 12:30am: Winchester Revival - Bringing back the glory days of Rock 'n' Roll. This Brisbane-based hard rock band is a no-bull, all original, steel meteorite to the face of sound.

11:30pm - TEN12 - TEN12 are a four-piece rock band hailing from Brisbane, Australia consisting of Jack Bruce, Luke Cosier, Ethan Clark and Liam Borke. With their raw and punchy riffs, and engaging live act, TEN12 have attracted attention from all around their local area.

10:30pm - Redempra - Sunshine Coast Funk Rockers! Once known as 'knowidea' but since newly renamed to REDEMPRA!!

9:30pm: Deaf Poet Society - Hard rock’n’roll for insomniacs that don’t respond to hard drugs.
Deaf Poet Society is a Brissy based band for people that like their songs catchy as hell and guitars FUCKING DISTORTED and FUCKING LOUD. Crank it to 11 and show it to Nanna.

8:30pm TBA