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Doors at 7pm


WAR BEAR bringing the heat tonight with a huge headline set. Supporting are mates OCEAN SHORES, HANG EM HIGH, SUNBOUND and STRANGE FICTION!


Doors at 7pm

Indie rock sweet hearts L.A. MOON headlining tonight with support from mates CHEAP DATE and BLUE!


Doors at 9pm

Come dance with Jade Not Jane and her band for their first headline show of the year!

Supports from friends TYDE and Oh Bailey!


Doors at 8pm

Indie rock sweet hearts L.A. MOON headlining tonight with support from mates CHEAP DATE and BLUE!


Doors at 7pm

Heavy hitters GOATZILLA headlining tonight with support from THE STONE FOX, TAILOR MADE REJECTS, EVIL TWIN and SHFEET!


Doors at 7pm

Intergalactic rock virtuosos SPACE FLAMINGO headlining tonight with support from MISTER SISTER, CHEAP DATE!



Doors at 9pm

Caravan frontman ANDREW COLEMAN bringing you three hours of rock n roll tonight!


Doors at 8pm

Local legends CHEAP DATE headlining tonight with support from DUCK EGG BLUE, THE DANDY'S and ON THE MOSS!

Doors at 7pm


Winchester Revival return to the infamous TOMCAT on August 6th for a massive night of rock 'n' roll with a HUGE 5 BAND LINE UP🤟It's a Friday night & free entry and cheap drinks, what more could ya ask for! Joining us for the evening are some insanely good acts!👉 TEN12 | REDEMPRA | DEAF POET SOCIETY | TBA🔥Save the date and come along for a good night of partying🤟🤟Doors open 7pm. 18+

(Headline) 12:30am: Winchester Revival - Bringing back the glory days of Rock 'n' Roll. This Brisbane-based hard rock band is a no-bull, all original, steel meteorite to the face of sound.

11:30pm - TEN12 - TEN12 are a four-piece rock band hailing from Brisbane, Australia consisting of Jack Bruce, Luke Cosier, Ethan Clark and Liam Borke. With their raw and punchy riffs, and engaging live act, TEN12 have attracted attention from all around their local area.

10:30pm - Redempra - Sunshine Coast Funk Rockers! Once known as 'knowidea' but since newly renamed to REDEMPRA!!

9:30pm: Deaf Poet Society - Hard rock’n’roll for insomniacs that don’t respond to hard drugs.
Deaf Poet Society is a Brissy based band for people that like their songs catchy as hell and guitars FUCKING DISTORTED and FUCKING LOUD. Crank it to 11 and show it to Nanna.

8:30pm TBA

Doors at 7pm

Tickets $15 first release


Ungrained presents ‘The Butterfly Effect', a new event series supporting and celebrating Queensland's up-and-coming female, non-binary and minority artists.



First release tickets $15 (limited)


Doors at 9pm

Talented multi-instrumentalist Fin Taylor's project FIN'S CONTINGENCY PLAN headlining tonight in celebration of the release of their debut album!

Tsubaki Blue

Fin Taylor


Doors at 8pm

INBOUND: huge fucking gig

Local band hedges will be playing at Tomcat, support by the highly talented bands Blacklight and The Dandys.

Doors open at 8. Not one to miss.

Doors at 5:30pm

Tickets $15 



Limited capacity event!


Blackpool’s loss is Brisbane’s gain, Sydney legends Rust are now playing in the Valley!

This gig also sees the return of the mighty Those Rat Bastards ( first gig in over two years).

Drunk punks The Knockbacks can finally have an album launch, they might even have a few left to sell!

South East Queensland stalwarts The Kombi Killers will be celebrating their 40th anniversary on the back of their new single.

Punk rock legends Powersnarb will also be getting absolutely Munted.

It’s been a long time between drinks, let’s fucking do this!

No Knobs !! Except for Vlad! 



Doors at 9pm

Concrete Palms frontman ALEX KOSENKO bringing you 3 hours of rock n roll tonight!


Doors at 8pm

The Brisbane Show - a collection of live and local Brissy bands here to entertain the masses

Jade Not Jane
Issy Burnup
Zac's Flying Circus


Doors at 7pm

Brisbane’s trio, Ben Tenison, are back again with their “eat your heart out” ethos. With the music industry coming to a screeching halt in 2020, the band decided to get to work. Over the past 12 months, they have been eagerly writing and recording a handful of fresh tracks to showcase the new heavy-hitting, grunge sound they’ve taken on. The triage are now back with another single, and a show to celebrate.

Ben Tenison, will be joined by local legends Cheap Date, and new to the scene, Acid Cherry on the 28th of August at Tomcat to celebrate the release of their new single “I Don’t Care”.